Quake Analysis
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SeismoSignal Analysis
Quake Analysis is a Matlab Runtime Application

Compatible on Unix l & Windows O.S.

Hypocenter Solution using HypoInverse 1.4
Matlab - Java - HTML - PHP - SQL Software

June 2016 Updates...

Compatible with Guralp - RefTek - MSeed format - SAC format - DAT & MAT input data
Automatic P & S phases arrival. Akaike information criterion & Wavelet transform Video
Automatic Event Detection | Threshold 1Ml
Frequency domain Module
MiniSeed to sac Module
Auto mode by using AIC statistics
Time interpolation of P & S Waves
Online Statistical spatial Maps using Google Maps Api
Connection with Server via anonymous ftp for reading Waveforms
Minor bugs fixed ( time and HypoInverse error )
Online transfer phi , err , cat and sac files (cryptographic connections )
Display current Station on Global map (picking )
Mode of inp - out - prt
Automatic database update of new stations
Automatic update of local velocity model

Current files per HypoInverse execution:
Windows Edition: 286 Matlab Functions
*.bat *.exe files

Unix Edition: 286 Matlab Functions
HypoInverse Shell Scripts

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National & Kapodistrian University of Athens
Seismology and Geophysics

Quake Analysis (Seismosignal Analysis) Hypocenter Solution

Developer: Ted Aspiotis

Release date: June 18, 2015

Operating Systems: Windows & Unix

Contact: aspiotis@noa.gr